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She sees my soul
as clearly as her own --
this alone sets her apart,
her sparkle and her laughter notwithstanding

When our lips finally met
-- gentle, soft, questioning --
it could not have been otherwise

-- December 2007

Handmade (Cocoon Part Two)

People ask me how it goes
and I tell them:
every facet
of my life

She has a mirror,
a chain of butterflies linked along the top
Though she could not have known my metaphor
they could not have been better placed
Standing, I looked within and saw
the man who looks back at me
in darting and swooping,
full and glorious flight

-- January 2008


Fingers slipping the other earring in place,
she turned and gasped
in sudden joy --
to see her dog and me,
curled up together,
both at ease
and both nearly asleep,
morning sunshine
slanting warm through the window

-- January 2008

Morning Part Two

Though the days have fallen past,
beyond count in their thousands,
though I am never quite the same man,
some things remain:
I never tire
of sleeping in,
nor of a steaming cup of black coffee,
nor of a long hot blissful shower

Fear neither time nor the cold, beloved --
your smile and your touch
remain as warm and welcome
as the sunrise

-- January 2008


Having finally gathered myself
back unto myself
	(I said),
sculpted now in my own image,
proud of my handiwork,
I will not
will not will not will not
let it all evaporate again

	(she said)
would I want you to

What had seemed a doorway into a box
was all along
a doorway out

-- February 2008


He had to be coaxed out of the car --
it was too much to hope for,
too much to believe

	Can I ...
	you mean ...

She told him, smiling:

	We are here for you, boy

Tail wagging,
four limbs a blur,
neck muscles porpoising down and back up,
he bounded joyfully off through the snow

-- February 2008


The dog trots beside me, ears high,
her eagerness
having drawn me out

Evening falls and colors deepen vividly
Heavy blue-grey clouds roil overhead,
laden with possibilities
Smells of life, large and small,
grass, dust, pollen,
swirl through my breath --
the very air moist and rich --
as pleasant thoughts of you
swirl through my mind
The body exults
as we walk

A gentle rain releases
a crowning benediction
and lesser things fade

can wait

-- Summer 2008

All Aboard

Steam hisses and billows cinematically along the platform
The conductor looks down, thumbs his pocketwatch, and nods
A whistle sounds
The background music swells mightily
Lovers kiss quickly,
parting too soon, and almost too late --
a war needs to be won,
half a world away

But it is just you and me
running for a bus
down a February Manhattan sidewalk --
no one is crying on anyone's shoulder while the movie plays;
no one is reaching for more popcorn

Work needs doing,
three states away
You will be back in the spring
Things will be blooming again
and we will pick up again,
starting afresh from where we left off last time

Two dozen hurried steps
and two dozen heartbeats later,
we made it
The doors re-open for us
Now it is a kiss good-bye,
now it is you
and me
and only you climb up
and away
-- February 2011

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