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How to contribute


You can ask questions -- or answer them! -- following the links on the Community page.

Documentation improvements

Pre-release Miller documentation is at

Instructions for modifying, viewing, and submitting PRs for these are in the docs6/

While Miller 6 is in pre-release, these docs are not viewable at which shows Miller 5 docs. For now, I'll push Miller-6 docs to my ISP space at after your PR is merged.


As of Miller-6's current pre-release status, the best way to test is to either build from source via Building from source, or by getting a recent binary at, then click latest build, then Artifacts. Then simply use Miller for whatever you do, and create an issue at

Do note that as of mid-2021 a few things have not been ported to Miller 6 -- most notably, including localtime DSL functions and other issues.

Feature development


Developer notes:

PRs which pass regression test ( are always welcome!

Build script

Much of Miller's documentation is autogenerated from code. With the miller/go directory in your $PATH (so it will find the modified mlr executable if you've modified any source code), please do sh in the miller directory. This runs source build, unit test, regression test, manual-page autogen, document autogen, and document static-build all in the correct order.