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About Poki

Poki is a poor man’s Wiki generator.

What you set up

  • Your page-content HTML files which will form a pageset (such as the one you’re reading now): in these you only need to include the parts you want to be unique to each page in the set.
  • Your template HTML file with the common content for all pages in the pageset.
  • A config file mapping HTML content-file name to page title.
  • A few lines of CSS defining how you want the generated navbars and tables of contents to look.

What you get

  • Integration of each content page with the common template material to create write-once-deploy-everywhere navbars.
  • Links from one page to another, where page titles are spelled out only once in poki.cfg.
  • Optional auto-generation of table of contents in each content page.
  • Control over the page layout. The pageset you’re reading now has a sidebar for navigation — but that’s just the way I coded my template file.
  • In particular, use your own CSS, JavaScript, etc.: Poki will replicate them for you.

Example output (in addition to the page you’re reading right now):