Cleaning out the closet a few weekends ago I ran across an old box, full of papers from my undergrad days. Among other things, I found some free verse I'd written around the age of twenty. Seeing these 15-20 years later — after graduating, two marriages, parenthood, a career change, etc. — was like seeing them with new eyes. They are full of angst, certainly: full of solitude, longing, and uncertainty — but also hope. Much has changed in the years since, and I've now found much of what I was looking for back then. Nonetheless, here's a piece of someone I once was. — John Kerl, Feb. 2006.

Sep. 2006 — There are now some ongoing newer items. These are not about youthful angst anymore. In my technical writing at work, and when I talk, I often try to find clarity in verbosity. Here, by contrast, I’m looking for clarity in brevity: I enjoy finding a few dozen carefully chosen words which express an idea or capture a moment in time.

Night Porchlight / Shades of Grey / Not Much
School Spring / Storm / Math
Wanting Breathless / Simplicity / Foreign / Muted
Losing Proposition / Haze / Stop Sign
Finding Gravity / Eye to Eye / Wakefulness (Orionids) / Seen / Continents / Library of Congress
Flying Cocoon / Nomad / Inheritance / Tangle / Issues
Chance Complexity / Odyssey / Gyre / With Apologies to Frank Drake / Touch / Cut-outs / Algernon / Seasons
On Foot Storm Part Two / Under Stars at Night (Orionids Part Two) / Sunrise / Relay / Morning Jog
Turns Photos / Ends / Sunrise / Athrum / Orionids Part Three / Meteor Shower Part Four / Meteor Shower Part Five / River Gods
Confidence Patience / Handmade (Cocoon Part Two) / Morning / Morning Part Two / New / Belongings / Evening / All Aboard
New York Centuries / Wagons East / Morning Jog
Favorite sequence: Wakefulness (Orionids) / Under Stars at Night (Orionids Part Two) / Orionids Part Three / Meteor Shower Part Four / Meteor Shower Part Five

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