People I have been

July 1969. Apollo 11 had lifted off the day before. Neil Armstrong had not yet taken his historic first step. Neither had I, for that matter!

1969, with Mom



1972: my sister Steph and me


1975 or so. I think I look professorial here. :)

Late 70's, Denver, Colorado.

1986, in San Francisco with family

1987: Senior year of high school

22nd birthday, Jan. 1991

My sister and me, 1991

Circa 1991

Spring Break, 1992

May 1992: Matt, Steph, and me

May 1993

Circa 2002

Circa 2003

San Diego, Summer 2005

Jan. 2006

Sep. 2006: Scott, Erica, Sylvia, me, and Tommy at Sylvia's birthday.

Oct. 2006: Emily, me, Ryanne, and my father

Finishing the Old Spanish Trail Half Marathon (Nov. 2007); finishing the Tucson Marathon (Dec. 2007).

With Sarah in downtown Tucson, April 2008.

Tucson Sprint Triathlon (March 2009):