9  Examples of Old Shókë

To do: develop this a bit more and try to push the boundary of what’s expressible this way.

Old Shókë Gloss Translation
Kæt xoma ke shem This night I sleep I will sleep tonight. Or, Ke kæt xoma shem.
Shoke trk mrm-kætr We/us go water-drink Let’s go and drink water.
Ke no mrm shoxtr I him/her water give I will give him/her water.
Sho tik koch kætr kesh shoxtr You sharp stone take fire make Take the sharp stone and make fire (strike sparks)
Che che che che che … shoke nozh thothrk che gæm No no no no no … we those mushroom(s) no/not eat No no no no no … we are not eating those mushrooms.
Jitjit dhæm shem Bird tree sleep(s) The bird is sleeping in the tree.