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Storm Part Two

Grey ranks of stormcloud loom on the horizon
My feet fall into a now-familiar rhythm
My breath ebbs and flows, patient as the tide
My heart beats fast but quietly --
    doing as it always could
    had I only known

With three and a half miles behind me
and three and a half to go,
I laugh as I realize
I am not tired yet

Thunder crackles
and fine drops start to soften the soil underfoot
The rain is nourishing and cool
I am healed,
and running forward

-- Summer 2006

Under Stars at Night (Orionids Part Two)

Running under the stars at night,
I am accompanied by the rhythm of my footfalls
and the wordless, patient whisper of my breath

Sprinklers hiss moistly, invisibly,
preparing the ground for the onset of desert morning

A teenage couple lingers in the cone of a street light,
embracing at the curb, the car door standing open
Their date is over but their evening is not --
not just yet

A face gritty with razor stubble flares into existence,
glowing dull red from a cigarette lighter,
then disappears a second later into the blank darkness,
leaving only a bobbing red dot
which soon also fades from sight

The Orionid meteor shower has returned:
fifteen times the earth has swung imperturbably around
to trouble this patch of sky,
fifteen years since I last wrote of it
And what?  I am still wakeful,
and another kiss lingers between my lips

I am much stronger now,
somewhat wiser,
and a little grey --
once again starting over,
and still taken by surprise
by the reliable inconstancy of the heavens

Now I turn to run directly into it,
finally doubting no more,
permitting the radiance
to pierce me straight through

-- Fall 2006, 12:26 a.m.


I open my eyes and raise my head
A thousand souls stand gathered for the start
	-- chilly fellow runners,
	or a line of my ancestors
		quietly watching me take my turn
The road twists down and out of sight
The sun rises over the mountains

Footfalls land lightly under me
Atmosphere eddies in my lungs
Blood runs richly through my veins
Landscapes move gently by

Death was yesterday; today is life

I am glad I came here

-- December 2, 2007
(Also in


Accepting the baton from my teammate,
running forward
on foot under the stars,
	under a million distant suns,
my headlamp penciling dustily off into the black void --

my efforts,
my ancestors' hopes,
my descendants' pride,
all concentrate together here
in this present, this one
shining, pulsing

-- February 29, 2008

Morning Jog

Silhouetted stark against grey sky,
rich dark brown in the wet fog,
bony hands of sapling branches
grasping empty --

each gnarled knuckle glittering
with a pendulous raindrop,
jewels dangling clear on every thin joint --

waiting for spring,
yet patiently,
and not without reward

-- January 2012

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